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Once again, the local community have been amazing in supporting us with our project and donating raffle prizes for the dance show. A huge thank you to all, including:

  • The B Club Chesham
  • Cobham Consulting Chesham
  • Ahead Tuition Chesham
  • Hartbeeps Chesham
  • Halycon Casts Chesham
  • Chesham Theatre Company
  • Temptations Gifts Amersham
  • Blue Orchid Amersham
  • Marks & Spencers
  • Brendan O'Sullivan Amersham
  • Hobs Salon Amersham
  • Boots
  • De Vere Venues, Abingdon

Whilst we are on the topic of thanks, a huge thank you to Will Rice and all his work colleagues for raising £650 for us at their charity games night. Thank you!

Jacqui Rice

Hi, I’m Jacqui , I live on Lye Green Road and I am the Co-Chair of the Botley Playing Field Association. Apart from being involved in the BPFA, I am a mum to two cheeky young children and I run my own Occupational Psychology business.

I decided to get involved in the BPFA as I saw the passion and drive the Chair, Lauren, had for the playground project on our facebook group. At the time, she was doing a lot of the work herself and so I volunteered to help. Since I joined the committee, we have been so fortunate to get lots more support from the community and our committee has grown rapidly. It’s exciting to see things taking shape.

We are learning so much along the way on this journey – it’s definitely been a bumpy road so far and a big eye opener! I love the fact we are involving the community in the process, including ideas for the play park design. The more we all put in together, the better it will be. I love the fact the community want a trampoline, I know my kids will love this!

If you are reading this and want to help, that would be amazing! It doesn’t matter if you can only donate one hour of your time. Or just keep in touch with our progress on facebook, through our leaflet drops, our meetings and our website. Thanks!

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